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- 093 Cem G

  Born Cem Guvendiren, he is better known as one half of Brooklyn-based duo Cem & RG. Regulars at NYC parties such as Blkmarket, ReSolute, and yours truly, as well as several others around the world, the guys are no strangers to delivering memorable music at shows or via the Berlin label Sleep is Commercial. […]

Stefny Winter – Touch And Wiggle EP on Archipel Extra Supplies

    Archipel Extra Supplies is a new sub-label of the long running and well-established Archipel outlet. Run by Canadian DJ and producer Phreek, it has been a bastion of high quality minimal techno over the years and this new release from Stefny Winter is no different. Winter is a Californian who has spent time […]

Mix of the Week: Stefny

     They say slow and steady wins the race. The same certainly applies to Stefny Witner‘s latest offering, recently recorded at Montreal’s 2014 Piknic Electronik. Our newest mix of the week starts with barely a whisper of a sound and slowly gains momentum, unraveling as a dark, sexy track sets the tone for […]

Jesse Perez: Miami Master

  Jesse Perez was brought up in and around Miami, a place celebrated for its rich cultural blends and fine musical movements. As such, the man’s sound are infused with everything from sun kissed melodies to booty shaking bass and so far have come on labels like Mr Nice Guy and Hot Creations. Earlier this […]

- 092 Julio Victoria

  Julio Victoria is a DJ and producer from Colombia, who having built up a fine reputation in his home country, is now starting to get the props he deserves around the world. He actually started collecting vinyl whilst record shopping in Germany as he played professional tennis, but the bug has got him proper […]

Adriatique and their Swiss house sounds….

  Esteemed DJ and production duo, friends and collaborators Adrian Schweizer and Adrian Shala aka Adriatique hail from Switzerland and have really put their country on the map in recent times. Releasing plenty of fresh house EPs on labels like Culprit, Diynamic and Hive Audio, they are also regulars in all the world’s best clubs […]