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Mix of the Week: Uchi

    Created and hosted by Uchi (aka Isabella Douzoglou), the beloved Dead Air series fueled Miami’s WVUM airwaves for years with the best of the underground via their weekly segment. This past December, Uchi bid farewell to Dead Air’s first home with a big blowout at the Electric Pickle. Luckily for fans, however, the […]

- 088 Balcazar & Sordo

    Next up in our illustrious podcast series are Balcazar & Sordo, two long time Mexican friends who spent years DJing and producing solo before finally hooking up. When they did, magic seemed to happen and soon top labels came calling and top DJs were playing their tracks.

Renato Ratier – Black Belt, The Remixes Vol.1 on D-Edge Records

      As well as Brazil being one of the world’s fastest emerging economies, so too is it one of the electronic world’s most quickly developing territories.  Playing no small part in this development is the D Edge club run by Renato Ratier, who is also the place’s assured resident DJ. So too does […]

Mutek 2014

    Mutek is not Movement in Montreal. Nor is it Coachella in Canada. In fact, it’s unlike any other festival you know. So too is Montreal unlike any other American city you will have been to, actually. It’s unmistakably European in feel and all but detached from the rest of Canada (except in governmental […]

Mix of the Week: David August

SoundCloud || Facebook Success, though a subjective matter, is sometimes based on talent, sometimes luck, and in rare cases, sometimes both.  For Hamburg’s David August, it’s safe to say he’s fared well with both talent and luck on his side. A pianist since age 5, David excelled at his craft for years before entering the […]

Jesse Rose – The Whole Twelve Remixes

  Jesse Rose won himself many fans in the last year with his series of club ready 12” releases. Now he has enlisted a wide range of talents to remix each to their own ends, with the results being just as compelling and charismatic as the originals.   The names chosen to rework the tracks […]