The Team

Sigfrid Brobek
Founder, Creative Director

Sigfrid Brobek is one is one of New York’s leading creative forces at the heart of the city’s contemporary electronic music and nightlife culture. A veteran of the scene for over seven years, he has played many roles within the fabric of this progressive global community. Born in Columbia, Sigfrid moved to New York in (2004?) where he rooted the first seeds of his career as a Brooklyn-based Bossanova DJ. The experience was inspiring, and encouraged him to move beyond the decks and explore the endless opportunities within the rich network of like-minded music enthusiasts, DJs and creative professionals. Trained in multimedia and graphic design, he gradually became the front man for website design and audiovisual production for several electronic music groups and collectives. His impressive live visual presentations earned Sigfrid performances at large scale events such as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, where he VJ’d for the festival’s main stage in 2008.

However, increasingly frustrated by the misconstrued perception of electronic music as a solely party-oriented genre he embarked on his own personal initiatives to shed light on the true colors of this inspiring community. In (year) he launched Sonem, his first independent endeavor in event production and promotion, and company behind the first summertime rooftop parties at the Rivington Hotel. The initiative rooted the seeds of Autobrennt; Originally a booking agency the company represented fresh talents on the house and techno front, such as Shaun Reeves, Kate Simko, Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb and was the driving force responsible for exposing these artists beyond their local borders. As a creative collaborator with various promotional teams, he is responsible for bringing quality international talent to New York, such as (x) (x) and (x) and hosting several label showcases such as (x) and (x). 

Over the years, through his tireless dedication to Autobrennt, the company has carefully built a reputation based on class and quality, attracting a dedicated global following of cultured music-enthusiasts, DJs and industry professionals alike. In 2010, he expanded the company into a creative website and music community. As it stands today, Autobrennt is a manifestation of Sigfrid’s longstanding vision: to educate a broader audience of the intellect and talent in this culture, with hope that one day, others could share the same thrill.  

About Us

AUTOBRENNT is more than a community; we are a gateway to lifestyle. We spotlight emerging trends in music, arts, style & creative living and showcase them through our website’s unique content, specialized events and targeted PR.

Years of experience with event planning and production, global talent management and physical and digital awareness campaigns have positioned AUTOBRENNT exceptionally well to consult and assist in the cultivation and maintenance of brand awareness for artists, labels, events and emerging spirit offerings.

Welcome to our world. If you still remember how beautiful this life can be, you’ll fit right in. Join us, and don’t be shy!