The Coat Check Coat Drive



The Coat Check Coat Drive, benefitting New York Cares, is returning for its second year, kicking off for the season at ReSolute’s 7 Year Anniversary.

The coat you’ve been seen in one too many times. Maybe the coat you haven’t worn in ages and almost forgot about. How about the coat you bought, that still has tags on, that you’re just not into? Here’s your chance to get rid of those unwanted coats and make room for some fresh gear.

New York City has the highest homeless rates in its history. The weather forecast is freezing. New York Cares needs coat donations now more than ever. Take a minute to dive deep into your closet and find a coat you no longer need. Donating is easy - start your night (or day) off right by dropping your donation at coat check, where you’ll get a tax-deductible receipt and that warm feeling knowing you helped another New Yorker.

11/22 ReSolute 7 Year Anniversary- Secret Location
11/23 Parties 4 Peace Thanks-4-Giving Dinner Party- TBA Brooklyn
11/26 Momentum/Rite of Wednesdays- TBA Brooklyn
11/26 Eve 3rd Annual Thanksgiving- The Park
12/03 Morning Gloryville- The Judson Memorial Church
12/05 Blkmarket Membership- Good Room
12/13 ebb + flow- Chrystie 141
12/14 Kolekti- Sheltering Sky
12/20 Stranger People- Louie and Chan
12/25 secret lineup- Output

Output coat check is also participating for the winter season.

Mix Of The Week: Bedouin
Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you not only know about but have also experienced City Fox parties. Primarily based in Zurich and NYC, the label/promotion team has been responsible for some of the best parties since 2006. It's no surprise they've also extended their ear for talent to the web with their ongoing Foxcast mix series. 
Earlier this year, they presented Foxcast 5 with Brooklyn-based Bedouin, made up of Tamer Malki and Rami Deejay, ahead of one of their parties. With years of experience on their own, listeners can expect the best when these two join forces. As a duo, the sum of their parts come together for a special listening experience, as felt throughout this mix. Touted as a "deep and groovy, simultaneously brooding and sultry" selection that focuses "not on what's hot and trend, but what moves it forward," it's no wonder why we're still rinsing Bedouin's mix several months later. 
Tune in and delight your senses. 

Life and Death – Art Basel by P L 0 T & Poplife..



Life and Death in ART BASEL by PL0T & Poplife
Officially Hosted by “Aquabooty”

From December 4th through December 7th Miami will host the 13th annual edition of Art Basel; one of the biggest and most important art gatherings worldwide. Over the past 3 years a unique response has grown for Art Basel within a very select group of artists and labels from the music industry who know about quality; making this the showcasing home and most influential period for Electronic Music in Miami in our opinion. Made for those who know. 

Life and Death and PL0T have been pioneering this movement and its 3rd showcase is coming up. On Thursday December 4th, after their very successful second encounter during Art Basel 2014, PL0T will team up with its acclaimed partner label LIFE AND DEATH; and for the first time ever they will join forces with long time Miami Indie trailblazers from POPLIFE. Together they will bring to life the third edition of their Art Basel series of events. Starring DixonMind AgainstThugfuckerVaal (US Debut), among the artists they released to date. The event will be hosted by “Aquabooty”, Dixon’ s long time promoter in the Miami scene.

HALLOWEEN PARTY at Battery Harris..
There's certainly no shortage of Halloween parties to choose from in NYC. This year, warming up at Battery Harris before venturing to the sweaty, over-capacity clubs. 
Starting at 4 p.m., the Greenpoint local favorite will be serving a themed dinner menu including Pumpkin-Squash Soup, Minced Meat Pie, Pumpkin Creme Brulee & Chocolate Diablo Cake, to get you in the Halloween spirit.