Mix of the Week: Darelectric




Born Darianna Mayer, Darelectric caught the music bug early on in life. Since then, the Caracas native has made it a mission to share her passion with others. Back in Venezuela, Darelectric formed the Karne Frezka collective with a few friends before relocating to NYC where she lends her talent to the likes of Massive Groove NYC and Globalmixx Radio. Whether in the studio or on the dancefloor, her dedicated approach and wicked taste has captured audiences from her hometown to NYC and beyond. The same can be said for our latest mix of the week. 

Mix of the Week: Cat King



As much as we love our recent podcast and mix submissions that dabble in, shall we say, darker and more techno-oriented selections, we're equally pleased when something different comes our way. This week, DJ/producer/model extraordinaire Cat King delivers an upbeat and enticing mix, blending artists you've definitely heard of and those you'll soon come to love. Here, the multi-talented Brooklyn-based artist kicks off with the charming chanteuse Lana Del Rey's "Young And Beautiful" before suddenly transitioning into a remix of Nicolas Jaar's "And I Say." The surprises don't stop there. Also sprinkled in are remixes of Aluna George, Iggy Azalea, The Fugees, Diplo and Frank Ocean. 

Mix of the Week: Stefny



They say slow and steady wins the race. The same certainly applies to Stefny Witner's latest offering, recently recorded at Montreal's 2014 Piknic Electronik. Our newest mix of the week starts with barely a whisper of a sound and slowly gains momentum, unraveling as a dark, sexy track sets the tone for the remainder of the mix. For the next hour and 40 minutes, Stefny treats our ears to a moody blend of throbbing basslines and mysterious vocals.


Born in California, raised in Colorado and now based in Montreal following a stint in NYC, Stefny has been a staple in the house/techno scene since the mid-90s. Once a mainstay at Bunker and Resolute parties, Stefny can be found at festivals and venues around the world including, Piknic, Igloofest, Fabric and more.



Punch Drunk Love | Bob Moses w/ Frank & Tony @ Output

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In summer 2012, the Autobrennt gang teamed up with Frank & Tony for another night of dancing at a Lower East Side joint. On the dance floor, we met the Canadian duo Bob Moses (Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie). They'd barely released a ton of music at that point, but we already knew they were special. Fast forward a few months and their limited 'Hands to Hold' EP popped up in Halcyon and later on our record shelf. It would have been impossible not to gravitate toward their heartfelt, soulful approach. What began as a gradual takeover soon went full-force and suddenly they were playing a Robot Heart set at Burning Man 2013 that's still talked about, shared and heard to this day. As many fans know, the duo recently inked a deal with Domino Records for First To Cry, now available as a limited edition silk-screened 12" vinyl and digitally via iTunes
Their success is due, in no small part, to Scissor & Thread label mates and helmsmen Frank & Tony (Francis Harris and Anthony Collins). Since taking the young duo under their wing, they've witnessed their growth and success as both their mentors and their friends. This Friday, June 20, Frank & Tony and Bob Moses (live) will convene at Output as part of Bob Moses' ongoing world tour. If you've heard anything about these four ridiculously talented men, you'd know it would be a terrible mistake to miss them all under the same roof. Ahead of the show, peep the stunning AA-side of First To Cry, "Grace." 


2014 Tour Dates
6.20 -- Output -- Brooklyn, NY, USA
6.21 -- The Garret -- Miami, FL, USA
6.27 -- Dolphin -- Philadelphia, PA, USA
6.28 -- Electric Room -- Rothbury, MI, USA
7.04 -- Wavefront Festival -- Chicago, IL, USA
8.04 -- Electric Forest -- Toronto, ON, Canada
8.30 -- Voltt Loves Summer Festival, Amsterdam, Holland
9.27 -- Tomorrow World -- Atlanta, GA, USA

 - Renee