nascent 004: Anthony Collins, Dave Harrington, Evan Michael @ Cameo


It's been a hot minute since the last installment of nascent by DJ/producer Evan Michael, but like most things in life, the wait has been absolutely worth it. This week, Scissor & Thread's Anthony Collins headlines Brooklyn staple Cameo alongside Darkside's Dave Harrington and the host himself, Evan Michael. Need I go on?

A man of many talents, Anthony Collins is a French-born/NYC-based DJ/producer/label owner who has been in the game since he was 17. Today, he resides in Brooklyn where he regularly plays the local circuit as one-half of Frank & Tony. When he's not behind the decks, he's busy running Scissor & Thread with business partner and friend Francis Harris. Together, they've helped bring underground artists to light such as Bob Moses, black light smoke and Desert Sound Colony (to name a few). On his own, he runs a sub-label called Natural History. 

Earlier this year, Darkside made headlines around the world after announcing their "last performance"....for now, at least. That hasn't stopped one-half of the duo, Dave Harrington, from playing out on his own. With a solo record under his belt (Before This There Was One Heart But a Thousand Thoughts) via Other People, Dave is no stranger to taking center stage on his own. 

This Friday, Anthony and Dave will join resident DJ and nightlife impresario Evan Michael who recently released Gran Via with Moodgadget. Trust us when we say you don't want to miss this one. 



Mix of the Week: Choko

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As we officially enter the fall season, our latest mix of the week couldn't be more appropriate. An ode to the warmer months behind us, Choko's  hour+ aural treat weaves through summer releases from the likes of Zimmer, Monsoon Season, AMTRAC, Mercury and Paradis, to name a few. 

The fact that she hails from Paris is not lost on us -- the romantic vibes throughout remind us of the last lazy days of summer and helps us welcome the cozier nights ahead. 

Born in Paris and based in NYC, Choko (aka Melanie Choko) has been a musician since childhood. From the age of 3, she began playing the piano before discovering her affinity for electronic music on the dancefloors of Paris nightclubs as a teenager with the help from the beloved DJ Mehdi (RIP). Neighbors for seven years, Mehdi helped Choko discover the ins-and-outs of dance music. To this day, Choko credits Mehdi and his wife for taking her to parties, introducing her to her favorite artists and lighting a fire inside her that still burns bright today. 

The daughter of a gallery owner and a film industry vet, Choko has spent her life around various art forms, but she's on her way to carving a name for herself here in NYC. After living in Shanghai and Chile where she delved deeper into the dance scene, Choko made the inevitable move to NYC to further her career as a DJ/producer. When she's not behind the decks at Le Bain, Wanderlust, Le Dandy and other staples, she's busy hosting her own party series, RYM. The collective, made up of Choko, HART (Reynald Philippe and J. Bonjour), and Amaury Besse (all French-born DJ/producers...naturally), recently wrapped their summer series, but will be back in full swing this fall.

In the meantime, throw this mix on and reminisce about Summer 2014 (full tracklist below).



- Tales of Love (Glen Check Remix) - 5 Reasons feat. Patrick Baker
- Sensify Me - Zimmer
- You (Dub) - Monsoon Season
- Together (Man & Woman Remix) - Keljet feat. Avan Lava
- Catch (Tobtok Dub) - Kill Me Softly feat. Elizabeth Hanley
- Discobabe - ColeCo
- Joy & Pain - Cesar Pallace
- Free of Fear (AMTRAC Remix) - Client Liaison
- Move On It - Sixth Avenue Express
- Vibin - Mercury
- In Love With You (OH YEAH Remix) - The Paradise
- Out Of My Way - Frankie Goes Deep
- Somebody - Animal Picnic
- All This Love (Future Feelings Remix) - Nine Lives
- No Need (Club mix) - Playless
- Garde-le Pour Toi - Paradis
Mix of the Week: Mia Lucci

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They say she "teases the heart and seduces the mind." They say she weaves together a "mix of playful melodies, ambient supernovas and moody baselines on a canvas she describes as 'contemplative strings of art'."

Mia Lucci does all those things and more. A classical pianist, her foray into music began at the tender age of 5 before becoming a lifelong passion. It wasn't until she showed up at an after party in her native Sydney that she discovered an affinity for house music. Legend has it she took over a set of turntables when no one was looking and the rest, well, is history.

This October, we're lucky to have her on board for our 5th annual Masquerade alongside our partners in crime, ReSolute, Philipp Jung, Connie and Mateo.

In anticipation of our masquerade, we're rinsing her latest mix which debuted on Ibiza Global Radio last month. Sexy, sophisticated, diverse and electric, the mix is the perfect intro to what you can expect on October 3.

Tickets are now available:



Mix of the Week: Darelectric




Born Darianna Mayer, Darelectric caught the music bug early on in life. Since then, the Caracas native has made it a mission to share her passion with others. Back in Venezuela, Darelectric formed the Karne Frezka collective with a few friends before relocating to NYC where she lends her talent to the likes of Massive Groove NYC and Globalmixx Radio. Whether in the studio or on the dancefloor, her dedicated approach and wicked taste has captured audiences from her hometown to NYC and beyond. The same can be said for our latest mix of the week.