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Based in Chicago, Mantas Steles is a rising star of Chicago's underground music scene. Touted as "sonically wise beyond his years," Mantas is known for pushing the boundaries within each set as he mixes classic house with the newest in techno. 

Benoit & Sergio Return To Cameo (Tix Giveaway!)

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Here at Autobrennt, we're no strangers to Benoit & Sergio's beautiful music. Since their early days of "Things I've Lost" and "Walk and Talk" to their latest releases on Visionquest and Culprit, we've happily tagged along with their adventures, on and off the dancefloor. Ahead of the third appearance at Brooklyn gem, Cameo, the duo opened up about their success over the past few years, The Space Project and why they love playing at Cameo so much, among other things. Don't miss Benoit & Sergio in Brooklyn on Friday, May 23. The venue is also doing  a great ticket giveaway, which you can enter here!    

It's been a few years since we caught up with you guys. Back then, you were riding the "Walk and Talk" wave and still assimilating to the limelight. What has changed the most since that time?

Probably being more comfortable in the limelight—but also feeling slightly more comfortable and patient when the limelight should be shining a bit more brightly than it [is].    

What has remained the same?

  We are still very finicky about what we want to release. We’d rather wait a long while for something we are proud of than release music on a regular schedule like some people.    

In addition to releasing Bridge So Far and Adjustments in 2013, you're also featured on the recently released The Space Project. What can you share about that and how did it come about?

  The Space Project was a bit of an unexpected blessing. We were asked to do it very early on in the process and it sounded like a great idea—they asked various artists to choose sounds recorded around various planets in outer space and to make music based on these sounds. We chose Io—which is a moon orbiting Jupiter. We wanted the music to be spacey and the lyrics to tell, obliquely, about Io’s sad fate at Jupiter’s hands—she was violated by him and then turned into heifer by Jupiter’s jealous wife, Hera. Sad.    

You guys obviously tour quite a bit. In which city have you felt most connected to your crowd?

Honestly, playing at Cameo in New York is a place we really love. That’s why we’re coming back for a third time. The vibe is great—it feels a bit like Berlin, a bit rock, a bit wild. It’s a great combination.
    London, also, has always be a blast for us. American and UK crowds seem to respond most to our hijinks.

In a recent interview you mentioned listeners should keep an eye on Bob Moses and Clarian, two musical acts we're also very fond of. Not to loop you all together, but your collective sound resonates with the "emotive electronic" genre so often ascribed to you. Do you feel you've sort of become the modern-day pioneers of this particular approach to electronic music?

  That’s an interesting question to consider. Scenes are always changing so quickly. Maybe in the last couple years, we could somehow been seen as doing something slightly different than, say, Ibiza dance. But there’s a long and rich tradition of emotive electronic—LCD Soundsystem seems like more of a pioneer in this regard. Junior Boys. Hot Chip.

Speaking of new music, what's the last album you had on repeat?

  The new War on Drugs record. That’s the soundtrack for Spring.

You've got a busy tour schedule ahead of you. What's next in terms of releases?

We are actually in the studio in New York this week, finishing up a record with Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington  (DARKSIDE). We are really excited to be finally getting it done.   We also have a number of EPs coming out in the next few months. “Your Darkness” is being released on Visionquest (our old, good friends) in July. And then we have an EP coming out on Defected in September—title undecided yet.  
So, yeah, we are excited about the upcoming release schedule.


Ghostly International 15 Year Party

On May 23rd, inimitable electronic label Ghostly International celebrates its 15th year in the game with a party at Saint Andrew’s Hall at The Shelter.   Ghostly, of course, is the label run out of Ann Arbour in Michigan that counts its key artist as the likes of Com Truise, Gold Panda, Mux Mool and all those playing this celebratory party. It has carved out a niche for itself as a modern day and American answer to UK label Warp, with a breadth of sound that takes in everything from scorched techno to intelligent and abstract electronica via hop hop, house and more besides. Sub label Spectral Sound focuses more on the dancefloor and the label has put out a number of classic compilations in its time.
Output comes correct again this weekend….

  Output is causing quite the stir at the moment. The fresh New York club is getting name checked by a fine selection of big name DJs in recent times, all of them appreciative of its design, sound system and generally exciting atmospheres. On Friday May 16th, the club is offering up another fine selection of guests in the form of tINI, Patrick Grooves, Willie Graff and Damian Schwarz.   Desolat’s tINI, who is to play an extended set on the night, has become synonymous with chunky, funky house and tech that has taken her all across the world from WMC to Ibiza. It’s her DJing that really sets her apart though, so tonight should be special indeed.