Movement Detroit in 2014

  Once again this year, Detroit’s Hart Plaza will be the place to be for fans of all types of electronic music.   The festival has traditionally been a place for local artist to be showcased to a wider world but in recent times has broadened its remit to take in many more scenes sounds and styles. In 2014 the event takes place across May 24th, 25th and 26th and takes place inside Hart Plaza - Detroit's iconic riverfront park. 
Darren Flecta – Lost In Clarity on Hatchwork

  For its next release the UK Hatchwork label has done something rather special – it has had all the tracks made for the EP mastered on one of the best sound systems in the world. That soundsystem belongs to room one of London club fabric, known around the globe as one of the most perfect installs in any club. What’s more, Fabric's long-standing sound engineer Sanjeev Bhardwaj also helped with the process with the ultimate aim being “to embody some of the special character of Fabric's Room 1.”
Mix of the Week: Memek

Hailing from Colombia, Memek is recognized as one of his homeland's underground techno pioneers. Aside from playing alongside great local talent, Memek went on to become a notable figure in the global scene as well, having played all over the world and establishing his name in NYC with the unforgettable Minimoo parties. Today, he continues to inspire listeners in different corners of the world with his signature dark, gritty tune selections. Recorded live in Billares London, our mix of the week reflects Memek at his finest. From Vendi and Vessel to Roger Gerressen, irresistible gems abound.

For those who haven't experienced his live set, enjoy this 90 minute sonic journey and be sure to catch him next time he's in your area.

Memek (mix of the week ) Autobrennt.14.04.19 by Memek on Mixcloud

Mix of the Week: Crew Love ‘Carnivale’

The times I can actually listen to a mix without multi-tasking are few and far between. Some people claim they work better in silence. I, on the other hand, like to get lost in sound while clacking away at my keyboard. While working on something else earlier, I was so simultaneously immersed in my work and what was playing that I actually jumped in my seat when my phone rang. I take these music "journeys" seriously, guys. I hope you do, too. If so, you'll definitely love our latest mix of the week--Crew Love's Carnivale Mix. I shouldn't even have to get into why these guys are great, but if you need a refresher, just look at the names tied to Crew Love--Soul Clap (duh), Wolf + Lamb (double duh), Navid Izadi, Tanner Ross, PillowTalk, Nick Monaco, Slow Hands, Tanner Ross, No Regular Play and more. The mix undoubtedly features tracks by most of the CL dudes as well as gems by John Camp, The Sheffield Boys and a very special world premiere of "Misty" by Soul Clap featuring Robert Owens. 
Wherever you are, you won't regret getting lost in Crew Love's Carnivale. Also be sure to check them out if they make stops in your area. Peep tour dates here
- R