Mix of the Week: Crew Love ‘Carnivale’

The times I can actually listen to a mix without multi-tasking are few and far between. Some people claim they work better in silence. I, on the other hand, like to get lost in sound while clacking away at my keyboard. While working on something else earlier, I was so simultaneously immersed in my work and what was playing that I actually jumped in my seat when my phone rang. I take these music "journeys" seriously, guys. I hope you do, too. If so, you'll definitely love our latest mix of the week--Crew Love's Carnivale Mix. I shouldn't even have to get into why these guys are great, but if you need a refresher, just look at the names tied to Crew Love--Soul Clap (duh), Wolf + Lamb (double duh), Navid Izadi, Tanner Ross, PillowTalk, Nick Monaco, Slow Hands, Tanner Ross, No Regular Play and more. The mix undoubtedly features tracks by most of the CL dudes as well as gems by John Camp, The Sheffield Boys and a very special world premiere of "Misty" by Soul Clap featuring Robert Owens. 
Wherever you are, you won't regret getting lost in Crew Love's Carnivale. Also be sure to check them out if they make stops in your area. Peep tour dates here
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Mix of the Week: Uchi


  Created and hosted by Uchi (aka Isabella Douzoglou), the beloved Dead Air series fueled Miami's WVUM airwaves for years with the best of the underground via their weekly segment. This past December, Uchi bid farewell to Dead Air's first home with a big blowout at the Electric Pickle. Luckily for fans, however, the show is back on Klangbox.
Mutek 2014

    Mutek is not Movement in Montreal. Nor is it Coachella in Canada. In fact, it’s unlike any other festival you know. So too is Montreal unlike any other American city you will have been to, actually. It’s unmistakably European in feel and all but detached from the rest of Canada (except in governmental terms) thanks to the French beaver hunters of the 17th century who claimed it as their own fur-trading post.   Each year the city’s various venues – from a vast gothic church to a multi-functional event and recording space The Phi Centre via a huge old theatre and plenty of outdoor stages, lecture halls and much more – all get taken over by Mutek’s forward thinking programming. As well as music there are a series of discussion sessions, panels, and workshops centered on artists, technology and media.
Mix of the Week: David August

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Success, though a subjective matter, is sometimes based on talent, sometimes luck, and in rare cases, sometimes both.  For Hamburg's David August, it's safe to say he's fared well with both talent and luck on his side. A pianist since age 5, David excelled at his craft for years before entering the DJ realm at age 15. By 17,  David had already shared the booth with notable acts during his residencies and soon began releasing his first productions via Stil Vor Talent.

Today, the 22 year old Diynamic rising star continues to impress fans around the world in the studio with his latest release, Epikur, and on stage with recent gigs in Miami, Israel, Netherlands, Paris, Mexico and Argentina--and that was just in the month of March. In the midst of all this, David also recently released a new mix for Innervisions' podcast series. Recorded live, the mix includes the likes of Riperton, Boards of Canada, Curtis Mayfield, Flying Lotus and, of course, some of David's own work. In just under an hour, David directs us on a short but special traverse through his musical style and influences.