Stefny Winter – Touch And Wiggle EP on Archipel Extra Supplies



Archipel Extra Supplies is a new sub-label of the long running and well-established Archipel outlet. Run by Canadian DJ and producer Phreek, it has been a bastion of high quality minimal techno over the years and this new release from Stefny Winter is no different. Winter is a Californian who has spent time in New York but now resides in Montreal, Canada and has made her way to the top slowly and surely ever since first emerging in the 90s. Releasing on labels like the soon to be revived Contexterrior and Archipel, she has carved out a nice niche for herself within the darker confines of techno.

Deetron – fabric 76 on fabric


Even a brief glance at the tracklist to Deetron’s fabric mix reveals that it is an ambitious, eclectic and far ranging affair. In just 70 odd minutes the Swiss man manages to mix in no less than 28 tracks. From current biggies like Seven Davis Jr’s breakout vocal anthem ‘One’ via untouchable classics from Gemini and on to more experimental bass work from the likes of Joe, it proves Deetron to be tied to no one sound or scene in particular, and instead he is obviously someone with his finger on many different pulses. Thing is, maybe he has his finger on too many different pulses, because this mix is nothing if not rather exhausting.

dOP – Close Up on Circus Company

  It’s been a while now since French pranksters and live specialists dOP burst on to the scene with their insalubrious and intoxicated house sound. For their next trick they return to home label Circus Company in somewhat rousing and proud style with new single ‘Close Up’.  Built on polished drums, slinky and shiny percussive rhythms and riddled with epic and uplifting chords, it’s a skyward facing, main room igniting roller that will excite dancefloors as much as anything the band have done before. The only thing pinning it down is the ever-sultry slur of vocalist JAW, but still those arpeggiated melodies soar all around his likeably strained refrains.
Eddie Richards – Yeyo / Aaaiii on Storm
    It seems there is always an argument going on somewhere about whether tech house is any good or not. Truth is much of the modern stuff isn’t: it’s dry, dishwasher stuff that is washed clean of any personality or charm and rolls unenticingly for too many minutes. Back in the day, though, that certainly wasn’t the case, especially when it was Wiggle and fabric star Eddie Richards at the controls. As such, his return to the fray with his revived Storm imprint is a welcome one, and following a first reissue in ten years back in 2013 comes this, a brace of classic old tracks with two modern remixes.