Renato Ratier – Black Belt, The Remixes Vol.1 on D-Edge Records


    As well as Brazil being one of the world’s fastest emerging economies, so too is it one of the electronic world’s most quickly developing territories.  Playing no small part in this development is the D Edge club run by Renato Ratier, who is also the place’s assured resident DJ. So too does his output as a producer form the backbone of the club’s eponymously entitled label.   Last year he offered up his debut full-length album, Black Belt, which was a fine genre work, offering up funky disco, deep house and plenty of club ready grooves with sufficient charm as to stand out from the crowd. Now, the label and producer have hand picked 10 producers to rework tracks from the album, and all bases are covered from UK tech to deeper Berlin house with plenty in between. 
Jesse Rose – The Whole Twelve Remixes
  Jesse Rose won himself many fans in the last year with his series of club ready 12” releases. Now he has enlisted a wide range of talents to remix each to their own ends, with the results being just as compelling and charismatic as the originals.   The names chosen to rework the tracks reflect Jesse Rose’s own widescreen sonic output, touching on myriad scenes and sounds from EDM to tech house, deep house to techno. Victor Marso kicks things off with his take on ‘Time Is But A Moment Feat Arama. It’s a deep down and well swing bit of tech funk with bendy sine waves and raw percussion. 
The BPM Festival 2014 Recap

  The BPM Festival charged forward in its seventh year, bringing together music lovers, clubgoers and over 250 internationally renowned DJs and artists over a ten day period in the Mayan Riviera. What initially started as a getaway for members in the music and hospitality industry, The BPM Festival has developed into one of the year’s most anticipated musical gathering worldwide.   This year we saw The BPM Festival grow once again, with the addition of three new venues and numerous surprise pop-up parties, there were activities on and off Playa Del Carmen each day/night to keep all guests entertained. There were many a times we found it hard to accurately describe the feeling and vibe we experienced during our time in Mexico, but there were special moments that we shall hold dear in our memories.   1. Kollektiv Turmstrasse at Diynamic Showcase The Diynamic Showcase was definitely a crowd-pleaser as all members of the German label put on a stellar show. Kollektiv Turmstrasse set the tone for an epic night with their remix of "Move On", which had just an incredible feel that meshed perfectly with the crashing waves in the backdrop. Followed by live sets from Stimming/David August and Adriatique/Solomon rocking the floor into the late evening, this was one for the books.       2. Bob Moses at The Scissor and Thread Showcase Fusion Beach Club served as the perfect venue for New York based label Scissor and Thread. Frank and Tony are no strangers to the New York dance music scene and their recent work along with label-mates Bob Moses and Black Light Smoke have definitely grabbed the attention of many international fans. Bob Moses's live performance was a real standout as their music really resonates when performed live and is definitely a must see for all dance music fans in the near future.  

      3. Innervisions Showcase at the Blue Venado A private beach club on the coast of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula served as the ideal location for newly crowned #1 DJ Dixon and his esteemed label Innervisions to throw their showcase. Illuminated under the stars, there was something different in the air that night for that particular event. When Ame played their soon to be released remix of "Turn Around", there was a heartfelt union within the crowd that felt special. When Dixon came on and started heating the floor up with house jams such as "Warning", it turned the dimly lit red hut into a hot den of revelry. Not to mention the double rainbow and sunrise that capped of this event, the culmination of these moments and memories is what made this party spectacular. Quite possibly the party of the year for many and most who attended this event, it's truly hard to illustrate the magic that happened on this night.  

        4. All Day I Dream at Mamita's Beach Club Lee Burridge attracted the dreamers for a day time jam at Mamita's which included performances by Bob Moses, Christian Löffler, Maher Daniel and Gab Rhome. The lofty decor really encouraged for a more relaxing type atmosphere which was quite refreshing change after numerous late nights/early mornings. Lee really has a knack for throwing these types of parties even though the venue had most of area covered due to rain during the early parts of the festival, he still was able to execute his vision of a dreamscape.  

      5. Guy Gerber at This is the End On the closing night of The BPM Festival 2014 many found themselves running on fumes but you can always count on one Guy Gerber to send you off in the right mood. Closing out the festival with a well versed set that got everyone moving, it was the perfect ending to an extraordinary trip.       As a side note with the growing popularity of The BPM Festival, it's nice to see the festival organizers adopt a leave no trace ethic for the venues and beaches. There were clearly marked recycling bins and containers for disposal of recyclable goods. Play your part in keeping the environment clean and we can continue to enjoy these spectacular moments together.  

Uner – Tune 432 on Diynamic Music


  Uner, born Manuel García Guerra, has been knocking about on the underground circuit for four or five years now. Releasing on labels like the now-defunct Cécille, Visionquest and Cocoon, it is with Diynamic that he has gained most traction. Now the time has come for the Spaniard to offer up his debut LP, and given that in the past he has mostly been someone placing highly on RA’s most charted or Beatport’s Top tech tracks, you have to wonder if his dancefloor focused sound will really be appropriate when extended to long player format.     Truth is, the man pulls off the longer format well. He does so by calling upon a range of collaborators (including Peik, LazarusMan, Kafele Bandele and Negra), who in turn expand Tune 432’s  sonic pallet and add more layers to the music meaning it stands up to home listening and never grows too tracky or tiring when the 13 tracks are all consumed in one sitting.  Also key to the album’s success is the fact Uner is a trained classical musician, so his melodies are that bit more interesting than your average, and he has a true grasp on arrangement, meaning nothing ever feels staid or predictable.