- 060 Tom Croose


It’s that time of year again, Christmastime. That time of year that kicks off with a stomach full of turkey and mass riots for the first (or last) Tickle Me Elmo, and ends over a month later to the clinking of glasses and the ringing in of a new year. But, perhaps most importantly, it is a time of year steeped in some pretty amazing music.


So, who better to bring you a mix of some of our favorite, as well as most overlooked Christmas songs of the past and present than Tom Croose!


A bit of history: Known to his family and friends as John Paul Jones, John has been a dear friend, and musical cohort (Worst Friend) of mine for a long time. As long ago as i can remember, or at least since iTunes has been a software that remained constantly open on millions of computers, John has been making Christmas mixes to send as presents to friends and family. They have become such a staple in my family’s house during the holidays, that every year, my Mom will often be doing something festive and wonder aloud, “I hope John’s Christmas mix comes soon” (usually around 4th of July).


Now, i know what you are thinking, “a Christmas mix?!?! Haven’t I heard every decent Christmas song ever?!”. No, you haven’t, because, aside from Croose being a fantasic DJ, editor, and producer, his depth of knowledge regarding any genre of music, as well as his collection (especially of Christmas tunes) is pretty unrivaled. Also, who sits around the tree with their family on Christmas morning opening their presents to the sounds of Deadmau5? (If you do, please put it on Youtube for all of us to watch) Croose weaves through nearly two hours of some of the most festive and unexpected tunes, creating an ambiance of humorous holiday spirit like no one else but Croose can. So sit back, poor some more Maker’s Mark into whatever holiday cocktail you are sipping on, toast up a “Cherry Pop Tart”, and enjoy your holidays!


Merry Christmas from all of us at Autobrentt!!!!