Anthea – Distraction on One Records


As well as being known for her work at Phonica Records in London, so too has Anthea made a name for herself in the production field over the last few years. Her sound – on labels like Freak n Chic and Air London – has often been thick, blocky and tech house in nature, and this new track deals in many of the same qualities. That the UK born and bred producer now resides in Berlin has maybe rubbed off on her sound – if anything it’s darker, heavier than anything she’s done before. 


“Distraction” is a shadowy record with flabby synth patterns wobbling left and right beneath clean claps and all sorts of melted, melting and molten bass sounds. It’s humid and oppressive, with Anthea’s own vocals adding to the very real sense of sonic oppression from start to finish as the thing scurries through some unnerving city landscape in the dead of night. Siren stabs suggest an alien presence that never quite materialises; instead the focus is on getting you to dance a sweaty dance, which this most certainly will. 


French DC: 10 associate Dan Ghenacia turns his hand to one of the remixes, quickening the pace but maintaining the choppy fluidity. The hi hats take more of a central role, too, chopping up the beats incessantly as bulbous chords bring a touch of light. It’s slinky and snaky, coming over as ripe for the Ibiza dancefloor this Frenchman works so ably. 



Finally, One Records co-boss Subb-An turns in a 5am remix that’s stripped to its bare bones and bangs like a banging thing. The occult vibe is upped in this one, with abstract synth lines and alien effects filling the backdrop before things kick like a mule into the deeply chiselled groove once again. A package of mass destruction and no mistake, then.