Cameo Culture – Night Swimming No 19 Music

After building something of a reputation for mature disco as one half of Soho808 last year, Dave Robertson has now cast out on his own. Working under the new Cameo Culture moniker, Robertson here gets a first release on the ubiquitous No. 19 imprint straight out of Toronto, and continues to hone a very musical take on electronic music. The opening track here, ‘Night Swimming’ could as well be a summery indie pop song as a dancefloor bomb: the lyrics are more than just repeated phrases and the arrangements are more than just a boom-bap kick and clap combo. There are swinging hand claps complimenting the drums, meandering melody lines which continue to unfold from start to finish and plenty of hidden little found sounds to flesh out the analogue machines.  It’s breezy disco with a warm house pulse and a genuinely emotional streak running right through its core.



‘Parts of You and I’ is the other original, and is one that goes further into swirling melodic territory than the first. Solo vocals sit not too loud in the mix as FX and ditty chord stabs mesh around each other with all the blissfulness of a romantic late night love in. Genuinely musical stuff that will also make you dance, it’s backed with a remix from the ever-on-point Slow Hands. Though just as emotionally resident but more dancefloor aligned, the addition of a prominent bassline ahs the whole track bounce along at a more infectious tempo, whilst the trilling keys and strings keep the thing nicely coloured.


Cameo Culture – Night Swimming by No.19 Music