Deniz Kurtel – The L Word feat. Jada [Crosstown Rebels]

Close Wolf + Lamb associate (very close, she’s dating one half of the NYC duo, Gadi) Deniz Kurtel is soon to unleash her debut album to the world.  It follows a year of strong singles on Crosstown Rebels, impressive live shows at places like Fabric, London and comes only a little over 12 months after she first started producing.  Inspired by nature, psychedelic experiences at Burning Man and the soul music she grew up with, Kurtel is making some of the freshest tech-house out there…

Her first hit came in the form of a techy punk-funk remix of N/A feat. Rosina’s ‘Fables & Fairytales –’ and was followed by the warmer, slower house vibes of ‘Yeah,’ whilst this latest single (off the forthcoming album) sits somewhere between the two…  Not bad for someone who, only a couple of years ago, was entrenched deep in two masters degree courses (which she finished) before discovering Wolf + Lamb’s party headquarters, The Marcy Hotel, where she quickly became close friends with the duo who turned her onto music making. Self taught but with assistance from Zev (the other half of W+L), she‘s also a respected light artist, the results of which share a common neon minimalism and sense of isolation with her dark and moody music.

A bouncing base line is the basis for ‘The L Word feat Jada’- a track which grows gradually from a hollowed out space of echoing claps into a future-retro house roller.  A hushed, soothing vocal adds an organic edge to the ever so slightly ominous vibe of the bobbling beats to make for a fresh cut which is deep but mobile, moody but inviting.  The remix comes from recently re-invented Supplemental Facts boss Guy Gerber who continues on his new house-ier tip, elongating the track into a lazier, slower cut which deals in warm tones and freed-up melodies.  A great release which should have you even more excited at the prospect of hearing this talent Turkish producer’s classy debut full length.

Kristan J Caryl for AUTOBRENNT