Frank & Tony – Frank & Tony 002 on Frank and Tony

In case you missed their first release, Frank and Tony is Francis Harris (aka Adultnapper) and Anthony Collins. The production duo has recently started a new label of the same name to showcase their collaborative wares, and the results are as interesting as you’d expect. Adultnapper before now has dealt in intricate productions and wobbly minimal basslines whilst Anthony Collins has mostly churned out house music for labels like Freak ‘n’ Chic and others.  Together, their sounds are deep and intoxicating, as is the case with ‘I Fall’, the first of the two originals here. The beats are unassuming house, whilst the icy delicate female vocal up top immediately tugs at the heart strings as it drifts above lazy percussion and long lingering organic piano notes: one of the more tender dancefloor moments you’re likely to hear this year.


The flip side ‘Marigold’ is much slower and flabbier. The groove swings low and suggest funky things right from the off. It takes a while to evolve, but when it does, another great vocal – this time a gravely male – imbues the arrangement with plenty of humanness. Wobbling, decaying synth lines add some colour and more sombre pianos keep things from being all too ‘up’. A delightfully restrained, well-balanced track, it’s a great night ender or set opener in equal measure.  Seems Visionquest and all their crews aren’t the only ones who can do heartfelt underground electronic pop, then…


Frank & Tony presents… 002 [preview] by Scissor and Thread