Clovis Mix of The Week for AUTOBRENNT


Our next Mix of the Week comes rather from the shadows of a scene you should well know. LA’s Culprit have slowly risen to the stop of the steamy house brew in the last year or so, releasing a number of standout records as well as hosting regular parties at the Standard Hotel downtown.  As well as Droog guys behind the label, to soundtrack their cosy parties they also enlist the services of Clovis Bouhier AKA Clovis as resident.


We all know residents are often better than the headliners given their appreciation of their art, the careful styling of their craft and the skills they need employ to build up a crowd without ever letting them boil over… Proving that point perfectly with this mix (recorded live on the rooftop hotel), Clovis slowly works his way through spare house grooves, funk infected slo-mo and analogue sounding 4/4 that drips with a sexuality and sensuousness that excites all the way through. Well balanced and well paced, it’s a percolating and sun-kissed journey perfect for this time of year….


Clovis Mix of The Week for AUTOBRENNT by Clovis_