Soul Kitchen mix of The Week for AUTOBRENNT


The arrival of another week means it’s time for your next AUTOBRENNT top listening tip… Today we point you towards this fine mix from Soul Kitchen.  “I recorded the mix in my studio in Trieste, Italy – a beautiful small city at the border of the Adriatic sea using two Technics and my old Pioneer DJM-600” he says.  “The selection of tracks is a mix between my old favourites and what I am listening to/playing right now.”  These days sharing himself between a Masters Degree in Coffee Science & Economics, as well as plenty of architecture projects, Soul Kitchen doesn’t DJ as often as he would like, but that didn’t stop him owing it at some of our parties last year.


This 56 minute mix kicks off with the dusty bumps of Maya Jane Coles’ latest 2020 Vision release before taking it down into more blissful, early evening house beats. The mid section sees all manner of chords, strings and vocals pepper the soundwaves before the beats flatten out and become deeper, dubbier and more seductive toward the final third.  Despite being only an hour long, it’s a mix which deftly travels a long way…


Autobrennt mix of the week by soul-kitchen