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Mix of the Week : Gio

  Gio Gulez doesn’t play by the rules as his pursuits are often moved by sudden and pure infatuations. Guitar at 14, piano at 16, opera singing at 20 and first dj set at 23 – not your regular track record, but makes a perfect foundation for the fusion-like nowadays. Member of NYC music milieu […]

- 097 Julio

​     Few artists can pull off first-name-only monikers, but Julio is on​e of them. Raised in Geneva, the longtime music lover began DJing in 2007 and traveling the world before settling in the US to bring listeners something fresh. It was then that an idea began to grow. Soon, he would be on […]

Bring TBA Brooklyn Back.

Almost two years ago TBA Brooklyn opened its doors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the goal of providing a home for New York’s underground electronic music scene. We wanted to create an intimate space that is open to anyone looking to grab a drink and hear some good beats without spending a lot of money. We like […]

- 096 Lorenzo Dada

    It’s been 10 years since Lorenzo Dada launched on the electronic circuit after impressing fellow musician Jay Haze with a few tracks. It wasn’t long before they joined forces to create and release music together on his own label, Sonora Records.    Founded in 2007, the label has gone on to release albums […]

- 095 Mantu

​The trajectory of MANTU’s career ​is anything but traditional. From throwing underground (and illegal) Berlin raves in the ’90s to joining the corporate music industry with Universal as a promoter and A&R, he created a name for himself as a bona fide expert with an international reputation.   

The Coat Check Coat Drive

    The Coat Check Coat Drive, benefitting New York Cares, is returning for its second year, kicking off for the season at ReSolute’s 7 Year Anniversary. The coat you’ve been seen in one too many times. Maybe the coat you haven’t worn in ages and almost forgot about. How about the coat you bought, […]