- 098 Guada Fk


Welcome back to Autobrennt’s mix series: we hope you had a lovely Christmas break and man New Year, and would like to help ease you in to things with a brand new mix from Guada FK. Based in Mexico City and active for years. this lady is closely associated to the Yuma Records label and takes great inspiration from the diverse likes of Depeche Mode and Tama Sumo, Aphex Twin and Frankie Knuckles. 

- 097 Julio
Few artists can pull off first-name-only monikers, but Julio is on​e of them. Raised in Geneva, the longtime music lover began DJing in 2007 and traveling the world before settling in the US to bring listeners something fresh. It was then that an idea began to grow. Soon, he would be on the cusp of launching what would later become the renowned and beloved Sheik ‘N’ Beik label and party series. 
Now a staple in NYC’s electronic scene and abroad, Sheik ‘N’ Beik grew from one man’s concept to a full fledged collective, label, and production team responsible for some of the hottest parties and releases of the last few years with a strong community of dedicated supporters wherever they go. 

- 096 Lorenzo Dada
It’s been 10 years since Lorenzo Dada launched on the electronic circuit after impressing fellow musician Jay Haze with a few tracks. It wasn’t long before they joined forces to create and release music together on his own label, Sonora Records. 
Founded in 2007, the label has gone on to release albums with No Artificial Colours, Death On The Balcony, Wareika, Daria, Eduardo Castillo, among others. 

- 095 Mantu
​The trajectory of MANTU’s career ​is anything but traditional. From throwing underground (and illegal) Berlin raves in the ’90s to joining the corporate music industry with Universal as a promoter and A&R, he created a name for himself as a bona fide expert with an international reputation.