- 093 Cem G


Born Cem Guvendiren, he is better known as one half of Brooklyn-based duo Cem & RG. Regulars at NYC parties such as Blkmarket, ReSolute, and yours truly, as well as several others around the world, the guys are no strangers to delivering memorable music at shows or via the Berlin label Sleep is Commercial. On his own, Cem is equally impressive, knowing exactly what it takes to move a crowd.

- 092 Julio Victoria


Julio Victoria is a DJ and producer from Colombia, who having built up a fine reputation in his home country, is now starting to get the props he deserves around the world. He actually started collecting vinyl whilst record shopping in Germany as he played professional tennis, but the bug has got him proper and he is now deep in house music. Aligned with labels like Get Physical we’re sure he’s about to become the name on everyone’s lips so are glad to have him in our podcast series.

- 091 Bastard Love


Bastard Love is a Mexican producer brought up around soul, jazz and blues thanks to his musical parents. Learning guitar and taking singing lesson at a young age clearly paid off because the music he releases nowadays – either solo or in collaboration with the likes of Alex Arnout and Mexican heroes Balcazar & Sordo, Nobody Knows and Miguel Puente – is deeply laced with a rare musicality as well as infectious groove. It comes on labels like My Favorite Robot, Hot Waves, MEXA and Solomon’s Diynamic and has won him many fans, including us here at AUTOBRENNT, which is why we have tapped him up for a mix.

- 090 Deepchild




From quirky, stripped-back techno injected with soul to deep, dub-inflected excursions, Berlin based Australian Deepchild can do it all. He has performed at key events around the world like EXIT Festival, Movement in Detroit, and special clubs like Tresor and Berghain in his adopted home city. Labels like Telrae, Caduceus and Seven Black have all released his music and often it is made on real bits of hardware, lending it an authentic and thoroughly textured aesthetic that separates it from the norm.



As such we are delighted to present to you our next podcast, mixed by the man just for us. It starts off fairly high energy and raw, with dense synth laced house jams making way for more supple techno, some old breaks and dub and even a classic use of Paul Woolford’s spangled Erotic Discourse. It’s an engaging, sweaty ride that will get you more than ready for another weekend on the dancefloor…