- 010 No Regular Play


Once upon a time, two young boys, Greg Paulus and Nick Debruyn met in Minnesota at the ripe age of 8. Fast-forward to now and the two are the minds behind No Regular Play, the musical duo born at the famed Marcy Hotel, home of the legendary Wolf + Lamb family. Their first 12’’, Owe Me EP, which was recently released, received nods of approval across the EDM world and showed signs of a promising future for this talented team. This is no surprise considering the rich musical knowledge and background the two share – each have studied and performed seriously in jazz, hip hop and experimental electronica; NRP is the vessel they pour all of their influences into, mixing it up together into soulful house cuts flavored with a bit of everything. In this mix they’ve done just that, brewing jazz, folk, booty-thumping hip hop beats and slow disco into a warm, seamless musical journey conducive to the intimate atmosphere of their Marcy Hotel birthright. Prepare for the unexpected, this ain’t no regular play