- 024 Beg to Differ


Beg to Differ consists of Wurst Music boss, Roy Dank (aka My Cousin Roy) and good friend Nick Chacona. If their names ring a bell, that’s because these guys are no strangers to the world of house and disco in New York and beyond. Both globetrotting DJs and music-making machines the two have been an integral part in shaping the signature New York nu disco sound, as we know it today. Whether DJing or producing, both are incredibly creative and adventurous in sound and style, which is why joining forces makes them quite the disco power team. While this project is fairly young in the works, they’ve already proved to be an unstoppable pair with releases and remixes on top-notch labels such as Under the Shade and Moodmusic. Why all the hype? We have two words for you: future disco. And for this podcast episode, they’ve delivered an exclusive mix of disco way ahead of its time. From pounding pop-drenched techno to thumping electro-soul, these guys know how to make you dance like there’s no tomorrow.