- 025 Adultnapper


Equally accomplished as a DJ, producer and composer, Francis Harris has emerged as one of North America’s premiere underground electronic music talents. His discography counts over 40 EPs and remixes for respected labels like Poker Flat, Mule, Simple, Nummer, Clink and his own boutique imprint Ransom Note. Dark yet moving, his introspective solo excursions as Adult- napper continually challenge convention, earning him a loyal following amongst elite tastemak- ers in the global dance music underground. When teamed with Mr. C of The Shamen as Syco- phant Slags, the mischievous streak behind the foreboding Adultnapper persona is revealed. The duo have released a string of punchy dance anthems, including the Poker Flat hit single and video “Keep Off” and a forthcoming EP for Get Physical. A spate of studio collaborations in 2010 yielded already released Adultnapper EPs featuring vocalist Big Bully for Culprit and Simple, a forthcoming project co-produced with M.A.N.D.Y. and “No Cliché,” a single recorded with Beirut band member Jason Poranski (vocals) and No Regular Play’s Greg Paulus (trumpet). The most ambitious and highly anticipated of these projects is without question the full length debut by Adultnapper. Titled “Leland,” in tribute to his father, the album is an emotion-laden requiem featuring piano, guitar, cello, trumpet and vocals. It is to be released this Fall on a new indie- oriented label called Scissor and Thread.


Beyond dance music, Mr. Harris scores soundtracks for noted installation artist Matthew Wein- stein. His composition for “Chariots of the Gods,” featuring the last recording of the late Natasha Richardson, debuted to great reviews at NYC’s Sonnabend Gallery in Sept. ’09. His second Wein- stein commission, “The Birth of Berthold Brecht,” this time with actress Blair Brown on vocal, is set to debut this Fall.