- 029 Footprintz


Unless you’ve been on a comedown under the covers for the last 6 months, it would be impossible not to have noticed Footprintz. The Montreal pairing of Addy Weitzman and Clarian North were launched into the limelight in March, following the release of their Utopia EP on Visionquest’s eponymous and ever-flourishing imprint.  It was a synth pop delight that balance delicate keys with mournful hooks and floats out of any given sound system with a rare innocence. A couple of recent Live sets at DEMF have also announced the fact this duo know how to mix – as well as write – records that really do something to you.


And that’s exactly the case with the selection they have put together for the 29th AUTORBENNT podcast.  Though more than worthy of a loud airing anywhere you fancy a dance, it’s also an emotive and sensitive mix which bleeds teary-eyed and downbeat pop into plenty of synth heavy stuff, some slo-mo gems and a healthy dose of heartfelt melodies.  If you didn’t already, now’s the perfect time to familiarise yourself with Footprintz.