- 033 MANIK


2011 has arguably been MA N I K’s year. The NYC producer broke through on a wave of slo-mo house sounds for the likes of Poker Flat and Culprit before delivering a remarkably rounded full length, Armies of The Night, on Josh Wink’s Ovum a few months ago.  It laced his love of hip-hop, instrumentals, r&b and house music from all eras into a filmic narrative that played out in true style.


Having since gone on to play all over Europe and North America, his name has become synonymous with a sultry, organic blend of house music that makes your feet move as much as it makes your synapses fire.   And so it is throughout the fine podcast he has turned in for us.  Working through the gears from breezy and beachy to deeper and more dancefloor, the mix comes nicely full circle by the end, finishing with some heart warming, soul fuelled sounds like only he knows how.