Social Media & PR


In order to ensure our clients receive maximum exposure, AUTOBRENNT’s team has created integrated strategies merging traditional methods with newer, cutting-edge social media platforms. This is done not only to reach the biggest audience, but to target and reach the most relevant audience. Through our PR methods and campaigns, we allow our audience to be involved in the creation and expansion of your brand.


We accomplish this through a special brand-to-consumer approach that provides ideal exposure:


  • Social Media Management: A consistent online presence on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Instagram, RA and other social networks.
  • Content Creation: Video and viral promotions on our main site as well as exposure on different sites
  • Events: While social media plays a heavy role in almost everyone’s lives, we understand “socializing” in the real world is integral to a brand’s success. Over the years, AUTOBRENNT has become known for our well-executed events that allow our audience to mingle with like-minded people while sharing a common experience and enjoying the artists we represents. While festival-size parties are enjoyable, we believe in providing music fans with more intimate experiences to share with their favorite artists. Our renowned events allow fans to experience your brand beyond the virtual realm.
  • Podcasts: Every two weeks, AUTOBRENNT releases a top-of-the-line mix by the artists we represent as well as other artists we believe in. Available for download, the podcasts enable AUTOBRENNT to relate your brand to a lifestyle and, in turn, allows listeners to own a bit of the artist/brand everywhere they go. As such, our exclusive podcast series has become a staple in the online music community.
  • Newsletter: Our mailing list is directly targeted to like-minded individuals who share a passion for your brand and related products/events endorsed by AUTOBRENNT.
  • Follow Up: Event pictures, reviews and interviews allow for customers to not only engage with AUTOBRENNT but also to provide essential feedback. Our photos capture the essence of an AUTOBRENNT party and, more importantly, gives customers a memento of their night. For those who missed on a particular event, the photos encourage them to show up for the next event.